The LEAP Innovations Pilot Network brings together forward-thinking principals and teachers from across the Chicago region to design, implement and evaluate personalized learning practices and edtech tools in their classrooms.

The LEAP Pilot Network Program
The Pilot Network is an 18 month program that provides an opportunity for school teams to build and pilot a personalized learning approach in their school for specific focus areas and grade levels. The program includes:

  • A professional development on-ramp starting in January 2018 to develop each school’s personalized learning approach and strategies
  • “Match Day,” where school teams meet with edtech companies vetted by national experts, and then select a product that supports their personalized learning approach and addresses their needs
  • A school year of piloting the team’s strategies and product over the 2018-2019 school year
  • Ongoing observations and coaching, professional development workshops, and qualitative and quantitative feedback and reports on student growth throughout the 2018-2019 school year

Who Participates in the Program?

  • We’re building a cohort of 40-45 school teams from local district, charter, and private schools
  • Teams consist of a school administrator, a pilot lead (assistant principal, instructional coach, or other) and 2-5 teachers serving at least 100 unique students, as well as either the IT, facilities or school technology lead
  • Pilot leads and principals will receive additional professional development and support from LEAP to lead pilot implementation at his or her school, gaining valuable expertise in personalized learning practices and the change management process

Benefits for Schools

    • Understand personalized learning best practices with support from national experts and a designated LEAP coach
    • Develop a personalized learning approach for their pilot classrooms rooted in the LEAP Learning Framework, incorporating creative spaces and scheduling, staff roles, student ownership, and data-driven instruction
    • Receive a product license, on-site support and coaching from LEAP, and additional workshops during the 2018-2019 school year
    • Join the national and local personalized learning community that is transforming teaching and learning
    • Connect with a cohort of educators from across the greater Chicago area engaged in piloting innovative practices in their schools

Looking to implement personalized learning for literacy or math in your K-8th grade classrooms? Our Pilot Network works directly with forward-thinking principals and teachers to identify, implement and evaluate personalized learning techniques and edtech products based on schools individual needs.  These pilots are supported with in-person coaching, onsite observations, as well as qualitative and quantitative feedback on student growth.

The program includes a robust, semester-long professional development workshop series, as well as a year-long pilot starting the following fall complete with research and implementation support. All components are built on the LEAP Learning Framework, which is based on three key elements – the degree to which learning is focused on, demonstrated by, and led with the learner. It is rooted in the idea that learning happens anytime, anywhere, not just within the classroom during school time.

      • Learner Focused - learner experiences are designed around a deep understanding of individual academic and nonacademic needs, interests and strengths
      • Learner Demonstrated - learners progress at their own pace and advance based on demonstrated competency, not time spent on a subject
      • Learner Led - learners coached to take ownership of their learning so that it dynamically adjusts to their skills, curiosity and goals

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