“Curation” is the act of pulling together, sifting though, or selecting something for presentation. Like at a museum, only the best are shown.

Our curation process draws on the expertise of educators, learning scientists, investors, and others who really “get” education technology, so we can be sure we are offering schools solutions with great potential. It includes five filters:

  1. LEAP’s Internal Team, including veteran educators, researchers, and education reform leaders, removes all unviable and weak applicants
  2. The Curation Panel reviews the remaining applicants and recommends solutions from which the Pilot Network sites then choose. This group is made up of educators and subject-area experts, learning scientists, and other due diligence experts in ed tech. Here’s who helped us pick companies to participate in our second Pilot Network cohort.
  3. Pilot Network School Teams receive training from recommended companies on New Learning Day and choose those to pilot
  4. Completing the pilot is a pivotal screen, because we have the option to stop at 8 and 16 weeks if the product is not making the grade