gsv1LEAP Innovations ‐ leader of the national community of practice, the Learning Assembly – collaborated on and recently released a comprehensive toolkit to help educators, schools and districts, and edtech companies successfully develop, implement and assess edtech and personalized learning pilots.

The Learning Assembly, supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is a network of seven nonprofit organizations – Citizen Schools, Digital Promise, Highlander Institute, iZone, LearnLaunch, LEAP Innovations and the Silicon Valley Education Foundation – and has applied and tested 100 tools in 195 schools; improving learning outcomes for 28,000 students across the country.

Collectively, they have run edtech pilots with hundreds of educators in areas including Chicago, New York, Boston, Providence and the San Francisco Bay Area. Based on their experiences, these organizations have compiled tools to help others effectively plan and prepare for pilots, select the right products, garner buy-in, measure results, and share findings. The toolkit has four distinct sections with differentiated advice for piloting organizations, edtech companies, school and district teams, and individual teachers.


The Learning Assembly recently convened at the LEAP Innovations office in Chicago for two full days of idea sharing and connecting; including visits to LEAP partner schools. Learn more about the Learning Assembly and their piloting best practices by listening to the new podcast series from Getting Smart. The series of three features LearnLaunch InstituteHighlander Institute and LEAP Innovations

Access the Piloting Tookit here.
Read more about the Learning Assembly here.