Chicago educators innovating together

The Breakthrough Schools program completed its round of school intervisitations on May 31st with visits to Patrick henry Elementary School (Pilot Network, Breakthrough Schools Cohort 2) and Wildwood Elementary School (Breakthrough Schools Cohort 1).

Over the 2016-2017 school year, LEAP facilitated intervisitations at nine Breakthrough Schools. Intervisitations offered schools low-risk ways to see other personalized learning schools in action, enrich their own evolving personalized learning models, build relationships with other educators engaged in innovation, and offer feedback to hosting schools.

When asked how these visits benefitted his team, Peter Rutkowski, Assistant Principal at Disney II said, "LEAP intervisitations throughout the year helped us feel like we were not on an island in our efforts to personalize learning, and [they] supported us in developing innovative instruction that works for our students."

Thanks to all the hosting and participating schools!


Reimagining school space and design for innovation

At the end of May, LEAP Innovations brought together schools from our Breakthrough, Pilot Network, and other programs for a professional development session from Wonder by Design, national experts in innovative school space. 

Sixteen schools – charters, district and Archdiocese – from six LEAP programs attended the collaborative work session taking participants on an inspiring journey into the “why” and “what” of school through the lens of space design. Participants left with concepts for new classroom and school-level design to support greater personalization of learning. 

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