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Jim Shelton Highlights the LEAP Learning Framework

CZI's Jim Shelton Points to the LEAP Learning Framework to Answer "What is Personalized Learning?"

At his iNACOL keynote yesterday, Jim Shelton, president of education at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, talked about the importance of creating personalized learning experiences for all students, and giving teachers the right tools to do so. When answering "What exactly is personalized learning?" Shelton pointed to the LEAP Learning Framework, and outlined its core components. View his talk on the iNACOL Facebook page or YouTube channel, and learn more about the LEAP Learning Framework here.

Announcing the LEAP Learning Framework

What is personalized learning, and what does it look like in practice?

At LEAP Innovations, we’ve considered this question a great deal as we work with educators to innovate in their classrooms. What are the core components of a truly learner-centered approach, and how do these translate into strategies to create this experience for learners?

We set out to answer these questions in the LEAP Learning Framework, complete with actionable strategies for educators to use now. Visit the LEAP Learning Framework website to learn more.

The LEAP Pilot Network is Making Headlines

Check out the buzz that our Pilot Network Cohort 1 results have been generating:

Chicago Program for Testing Ed-Tech Finds Need for Data, Smart Practice
“LEAP officials believe the preliminary data offer tips to companies and K-12 officials on the importance of sticking to sound practices, and focusing careful implementation, when using new digital tools. 'It really is about the practice, and not the tool,' said Phyllis Lockett, the CEO of LEAP Innovations.” Read more.

LEAP Innovations Looks at What Works With ThinkCERCA, Lexia Reading Core5
“The [Pilot Network] results have been eagerly anticipated, both because LEAP has been taking a cautious approach to evaluating edtech products and because its influence could be huge." Read more.

Chicago Tribune
Technology might finally fulfill promise of individualized education
“Leap Innovations, a nonprofit founded almost two years ago, aims to personalize learning for students, and while technology is part of the approach, founder Phyllis Lockett said, it's not the most important factor. 'Teaching and learning practices have to change first, but technology is used to put that on steroids,' she said.” Read more.

Finding What Works - Pilot Network Year One Results

LEAP’s Pilot Network launched in the fall of 2014, focusing on literacy edtech tools with 15 schools across Chicago. It was our first step in determining the best way to find, implement, and evaluate edtech tools and innovative teaching practices with schools, and understanding which of these tools and practices have the potential to make the biggest difference in student achievement.

We are now excited to share the results. In short, innovation in the hands of forward-thinking educators has the potential to make a real impact: overall, for grades 3-8, participation in the Pilot Network resulted in a gain of 1.07 additional test-score points above what the control group achieved on NWEA. This is equivalent to closing the achievement growth gap on NWEA for low-income students by approximately 45 percent, nearly closing the gap for Black students, and more than closing the gap for Hispanic students.

Read the full report here!

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Are you implementing personalized learning at your school? Or getting ready to start? Gain valuable insights into teacher practices and student experiences in the classroom by participating in the LEAP Personalized Learning Surveys.

The LEAP Personalized Learning Surveys are designed to measure the teaching practices and classroom conditions that enable personalized learning. We are now seeking partner schools to take the teacher and student surveys this spring. Participating is free. Learn more here.

Sal Khan Visits LEAP Innovations

With support from the CME Group Foundation, LEAP Innovations convened 250 educators and stakeholders from across Chicagoland for an evening with Sal Khan, founder and CEO of Khan Academy. Educators came from as far away as Batavia and Mundelein to 1871, LEAP's home and the hub for tech startups in Chicago, to hear Sal's story about founding Khan Academy and celebrate the launch of LearnStorm. LearnStorm, an online math challenge powered by Khan Academy in partnership with Hyatt Hotels Corporation, will reach more than 40,000 students across the Chicagoland area.

Sal delivered an inspiring story of entrepreneurship and emphasized the importance of personalizing learning for all students everywhere. He shared how LearnStorm is designed to help build students' confidence in math and foster a growth mindset.

LEAP Innovations and Khan Academy would like to thank all the educators and supporters who attended this special event and a very special thanks goes to the CME Group Foundation for making the event possible, and to our hosts at 1871.

To see photos of the event, click here.

Companies - Apply Now for the LEAP Pilot Network!

Do you have a math or literacy edtech product that personalizes learning for students in grades K-8? Apply to the LEAP Pilot Network!

The LEAP Pilot Network is part of LEAP Innovations, a Chicago-based nonprofit organization focused on transforming the way kids learn by better connecting education with innovation, creating personalized learning that benefits students and their teachers.

Our Pilot Network works directly with forward-thinking educators and technology companies to identify, implement and evaluate personalized learning approaches and edtech products. In the Pilot Network, companies will benefit from product pilots with high-fidelity implementation, gain visibility with district and school leaders, and receive valuable qualitative and quantitative feedback on their products. Last year, 86 percent of Pilot Network school teams adopted their edtech product after pilots ended.

LEAP is now seeking edtech companies with math or literacy products for students in grades K-8 to pilot during the 2016-2017 school year! We are especially seeking products for middle school students (grades 5-8). Learn more and apply here.