Finding the right tools for schools.

Edtech tools exponentially expand a teacher’s ability to personalize the learning experience when they are curated and applied carefully. Before technology is showcased to Pilot Network teachers, it has to pass the LEAP Curation Panel’s rigorous review process.

The LEAP Edtech Curation Process

Passing curation is no easy feat: our panelists, including experts in learning science or psychology, independently review each prospective tool for four-to-six weeks, holistically evaluating its design, efficacy and alignment with the LEAP Learning Framework. In total, we’ve received over 150 applications from edtech companies and piloted just 19 products. If a tool reaches a learner’s hands, you can be sure it’s of the highest quality design, and that its potential to empower teachers and learners is enormous.

Remote Learning Resources

To help our educators navigate remote learning challenges, we're partnered with edtech companies to provide resources and guidance. Their insights center around how to rethink the power of these tools for connecting and planning lessons in a digital environment. Dive into those resources here.

Explore Curated EdTech Tools

To help schools continue to mine for remote learning edtech options, this site contains all our curated resources and details at a glance.

2019-20 Independent Panel of Experts

  • Tracy Alloway, Cognitive Psychologist
  • Meg Bates, UC STEM (Ed Psych)
  • Anirban Bhattacharyya, Transcend Education
  • David Dockterman, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Ashley Gibson, Chicago Public Schools
  • Elva Guzman, Talcott Fine Arts & Museum Academy (ELA / Bilingual 6-8)
  • Erik Harpstead, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Jared Joiner, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
  • Jessica Kertz, Talcott Fine Arts & Museum Academy
  • Susanna Lang, Independent
  • Chris Liang-Vergara, LEAP Innovations
  • James Lynn, UIC
  • Michael Madaio, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Sara Mongoven, Carlos Fuentes Elementary, an ACERO School
  • Melissa Moody, Joseph Lovett Elementary (Math 6-8)
  • Amit Patel, Owl Ventures
  • Amy Peterson, LEAP Innovations
  • Katrina Stevens, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
  • Nicole Temple, UC STEP
  • Molly Thayer, University of Washington
  • Jonathan Tiongco, Alliance (Marine-Innovation & Technology)

2019-20 Curated Products

  • Amplify Reading (Amplify)
  • Dreambox (Dreambox)*
  • Imagine Math (Imagine Learning)*
  • Lexia Reading Core5 (Rosetta Stone)*
  • Matific (Matific USA)
  • MyON Reader & News (Renaissance Learning)*
  • ST Math (MIND Research)*
  • ThinkCERCA (ThinkCERCA)*
  • Woot Math (Woot Math)
  • Writeable (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

  • * Denotes previously curated product

Previously Piloted Products


  • Achieve3000 (Achieve 3000)
  • BrainPOP (BrainPOP)
  • Curriculet (Waterford Institute)
  • Edgenuity Upsmart (Edgenuity)
  • Frontier (eSpark Learning)
  • iReady (Curriculum Associates)
  • Imagine Learning (Imagine Learning)
  • Lexia PowerUp Literacy (Rosetta Stone)
  • Lightsail (Lightsail)
  • Newsela (Newsela)
  • Quill (Quill)
  • Squiggle Park (Squiggle Park)
  • Velocity (Voyager)
  • Write About (Write About)
  • Zinc Learning Labs (Zinc Learning Labs)


  • ALEKS (McGraw-Hill School Education)
  • BrainPOP (BrainPOP)
  • Conceptua Math (Conceptua)
  • Edgenuity Upsmart (Edgenuity)
  • Imagine Math (Imagine Learning)
  • Mathletics (3P Learning)
  • Mathspace (Mathspace)
  • Reasoning Mind (Reasoning Mind)
  • RedBird (McGraw-Hill School Education)

Learner Demonstrated

  • Canvas by Instructure (Instructure)

For more information on Curation and opportunities to partner, contact Brielle Siskin, our Strategy and Operations Manager.