We're better when we all work together.

We believe that listening to, learning from and inspiring one another is the best way to make a future of unlimited potential a reality. Thousands of educators, policy makers, innovators and thought leaders are as determined as you are to give every child the opportunity and passion to thrive. Join us at these upcoming events—sponsored by LEAP and our partners—to meet them and help the movement grow.
"America to Me" Training Event / Chicago
Chicago United for Equity is facilitating a training on how to use America to Me to launch change in the Chicago community on the morning of Saturday, 10/27. The morning will cover how we can move our communities to action, using America to Me to inspire difficult conversations. This training is for activists, mobilizers, and everyday residents who want to find a way to use their power for good. More information.
Learning Forward / Dallas
Learning Forward’s annual conference puts professional learning at the forefront. Connect with colleagues, inspiring practitioners, policy makers and thought leaders as you collaborate to foster excellent teaching and learning every day.
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