We're better when we all work together.

We believe that listening to, learning from and inspiring one another is the best way to make a future of unlimited potential a reality. Thousands of educators, policy makers, innovators and thought leaders are as determined as you are to give every child the opportunity and passion to thrive. Join us at these upcoming events—sponsored by LEAP and our partners—to meet them and help the movement grow.
August 27, 2019
2019 LEAP InnovatED Summit
The annual LEAP InnovatED Summit will rally Chicago educators, innovators and leaders for a full day of thought provoking and interactive sessions that will explore the practices and tools that help make the success of every child personal.
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February 6, 2020
Equity and Education in 2020: Innovations in Teaching and Learning within Pre-K-12 Schools
To kick off a pivotal year across our country, LEAP Innovations, in partnership with New America, is thrilled to bring together education influencers and classroom practitioners for a wide-ranging conversation on equity, and the policies and practices needed to achieve it in today’s Pre-K-12 schools. Educators, researchers and policy leaders are invited to join us as we host this event in our nation’s capital. In the first panel our lineup of leading voices from education and beyond will they share their perspectives on what policies work at the state and district levels, what broader transformations are needed to scale system-wide change and what skills are needed to prepare learners for the future of work. On the second panel, school leaders and teachers from Chicago and Baltimore will speak about inclusive teaching practices and innovative models enabling educators to address their own biases, raise expectations for students and tailor instruction to meet every learner’s needs. To learn more about this event, please contact Kourtnie Nunley at kourtnie.nunley@leapinnovations.org
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