The LEAP Learning Series

School buildings are closed, but learning cannot stop.

Amid COVID-19, educators across the country are tirelessly working to engage their students and minimize instructional disruption, and we built the new LEAP Learning Series to support them in this critically important work. The Learning Series will help educators find new strategies for tapping into remote teaching tools, instituting routines and structures into their teaching practices, collaborating with other teachers, attending to students’ social-emotional needs and delivering high-quality, empowering instruction from a distance.

There are two opportunities to engage in the Learning Series: the Remote Learning Seminar Series, a six-week progression of free, LEAP-hosted webinars for educators, and Remote Learning in Action, a fee-based professional learning program available to school teams.


The Remote Learning Seminar Series

Over the course of the last several weeks, we’ve been speaking with Chicago principals about the most prevalent challenges their teachers and students are facing during this unprecedented time, and the Remote Learning Seminar Series—a progression of six free, LEAP-hosted webinars for educators—stems directly from what we’ve heard in these conversations. The topics are built around the goal of real-world, present-tense impact, and each session will feature perspectives, insights and actionable tools for meaningful engagement of students through remote learning.

Sessions are Wednesdays from May 6 to June 10. Register for the upcoming session below!

If you would like to register your whole team or staff for the Remote Learning Seminar Series, please email

Upcoming Webinars

June 3

4 p.m. CST

Parents as Partners: A Fresh Look at Parent Engagement

The importance of parents in powering remote learning is vital, and they will only grow more critical as we venture into the summer. But just as it goes with our students, there’s no one-size-fits-all way to engage parents—approaches vary depending on a multitude of factors about the adult, the child and the at-home situation. As we transition into an unprecedented summer of learning, we’ll discuss how educators can create systems of structure, support and parent partnership that set students up for success in the fall.


Emily Amick – Director of Professional Learning, PowerMyLearning

Gryssel Montagner – Educator, ACERO Santiago Elementary School

Megan Plante – Educator, ACERO Santiago Elementary School

Mimi Rodman – Executive Director, Stand for Children

Tommorrow Snyder – Regional Organizing Director, Stand for Children

Melissa Sweazy – Principal, ACERO Santiago Elementary School

LEAP Facilitator: Kristin Eng – Senior Manager of School Supports

June 10

4 p.m. CST

It’s Year’s End. How Do You Know What Progress Your Students Have Made?

Meeting students where they are means figuring out where they’ve been. When we transition back to school after months of distance learning, the task of assessing students’ progress and needs will pose an unparalleled challenge. This will only amplify the need to think beyond one-size-fits-all grade level structures, instead evaluating progress and setting goals according to students’ individual needs. For this finale of the Remote Learning Seminar Series, we’ll look ahead to the fall and explore how educators can foster rigor and engagement after half a year without testing.


Past Webinars

Connectivity Basics to Fuel the Continuity of Learning and Community

Speakers: Britton Picciolini Regional Manager, Google for Education,
Elisette Weiss District Partnerships and Privacy for ClassDojo,
Caitlin Warren Community and Content Marketing for ClassDojo

LEAP Facilitator: Chris Liang-Vergara

Relationships, Routines and Resilience:
Addressing the Impact of Trauma and Enabling Children’s Learning and Thriving, Both Today and After Re-Entry


Pamela Cantor, M.D. – Founder and Senior Science Advisor, Turnaround for Children

Stacy Stewart – Principal, Belmont-Cragin Elementary School

LEAP Facilitator: Jannette Moya – Personalized Learning Manager

How to Create a Quality Virtual Lesson Plan for Literacy


Amira Aljabar, MS.Ed – Customer Implementation Manager, Lexia Learning

Claire Kreller – 2nd Grade Teacher & K-2 Instructional Coach, CICS Irving Park

LEAP Facilitator: Jen Stack – Senior Manager, Professional Learning

How to Keep Making Moves with Math


Tim Hudson – Chief Learning Officer, DreamBox Learning

Mary Carey – Special Education Teacher, Schubert Elementary School

Wendy Liu – 3rd Grade Teacher, Haines Elementary School

LEAP Facilitator: Connie Scalzetti – Personalized Learning Coach


The Remote Learning in Action Program

While the Remote Learning Seminar Series is available free to any educator, Remote Learning in Action is a comprehensive professional learning program for educator teams. Translating the multifaceted, collaboration-driven professional learning opportunities that LEAP conducts in Chicago to the remote setting, the fee-based, structured program will take educators through a deep dive into powerful remote learning. It will help them explore strategies for reinforcing critical standards, minimizing instructional loss, enhancing student engagement and connection, supporting students’ social and emotional needs and providing, at large, continuous learning opportunities.

Educators will exit the program able to define and share best practices for a remote learning environment, and implement remote teaching practices that empower students as agents and advocates of their learning. It will also help educators begin to think about the transition back to school, and how new remote learning strategies can merge with their existing classroom strategies to create a more adaptable, personalized environment. Educators will explore in depth how they can:

  • Enhance remote learning and connection
  • Help students set goals to inform their personalized pathways
  • Provide feedback and formative assessment
  • Foster opportunities for students to authentically demonstrate learning

The LEAP Professional Learning team will lead live, interactive webinars that build on one another each week, in tandem with administrator support, self-directed learning tasks, breakout discussions and optional one-on-one coaching. Limited space is available. To learn more, reach out to