How do the surveys measure personalization?

Diving Into Details
The big picture emerges from the most detailed questions. That’s why the LEAP Personalized Learning Surveys get specific. Using the LEAP Learning Framework as a reference point, they break the ideal learning experience down into its core components and determine how close a learning environment is to fully delivering each one. The Surveys cover both student experiences and teacher practices to give a full picture of what’s working and what can be refined.

The Survey in Action

To gain insight on Learner Focused practices, the Student Survey explores different dynamics of how deeply students think teachers understand them.


Measuring in Context
To provide a deeper, broader perspective, the Surveys put personalization scores in context.
While only teachers can access the reports on their specific classrooms, both teachers and administrators receive aggregate data. They see how their progress toward personalized learning fares against:

  • that of similar schools in their region;
  • national standards and averages; and
  • historical data, once their organization has taken the survey multiple times.

Additionally, teachers receive data on how their classrooms compare with school averages.
Through the widened lens, school teams understand where they are in both detail and context. They move forward with a shared vision for where they want to be.

Filtering Findings Through the Framework

Though you don’t need experience with the LEAP Learning Framework to take the surveys, we use it to guide our analysis and structure the findings in our reports. It establishes three components of personalized learning with specificity and actionable strategies. Utilizing the Framework, teachers can quickly pinpoint and deliver on opportunities to continue refining the learning experience.


We made a series of short videos to help explain the nuts and bolts of the LEAP Personalized Learning Surveys.

Sample Report
Download a sample of a LEAP report

Sample Set of Survey Items
Download a sampling of survey items

Ready to Move Forward?
The Spring 2019 Surveys are open from April 8 through June 14. For new insights, ideas and inspiration, please submit an interest form by March 1 to receive further details.

If you are returning from Fall 2018, you can hold off on submitting an interest form. You will hear from LEAP in early March regarding your survey administration details!