Who uses the surveys?

We created the LEAP Personalized Learning Surveys to help schools engage, empower and appropriately challenge all their learners.

Exploring both teacher practices and student experiences, the Surveys give teachers detailed reports on their classrooms, with in-depth explorations of what’s working for their learners and what can be refined. They are also a valuable tool for administrators working to spread the ideal learning experience. With our aggregate data, decision-makers at the school and district levels can consider regional, national and historical context as they plan their paths forward for igniting passion and confidence in all their students.

Who Takes the Surveys?
Surveys are taken by students grades 3-12 and teachers grades K-12. We deliver the most powerful reports for classrooms when students and teachers both participate. For teachers in grades K-8 and students in grades 4-8, our reports show schools and classrooms where they fall on a continuum from “Emerging Personalization” to “High Personalization” along three components of personalized learning. They show schools new to personalized learning what they can do more of and experienced schools what they can refine.

Ready to Move Forward?

The Spring 2019 Surveys are open from April 8 through June 14. For new insights, ideas and inspiration, please submit an interest form by March 1 to receive further details.

If you are returning from Fall 2018, you can hold off on submitting an interest form. You will hear from LEAP in early March regarding your survey administration details!