Getting where you want to go starts with knowing where you are.

Every classroom is unique, with its own set of people, opportunities and needs. Delivering the best learning environment for students takes a current, in-depth portrait of the learning experience as it stands.

The LEAP Personalized Learning Teacher and Student Surveys

We created the LEAP Personalized Learning Teacher and Student Surveys to deliver educators these portraits. Developed in collaboration with the American Institutes for Research, they deliver robust, 360-degree views of the learning experience. With over 9,600 teacher surveys and 95,000 student surveys taken, educators across the country are using our Survey reports to derive insights as they plot the best path forward for their students.

The PL Surveys are free of charge for all schools, regardless of location or previous experience with LEAP. As the movement to transform learning gains national traction, we’re committed to helping all schools figure out where they are—and we’re more than excited to see where we all end up.

Who Uses the Surveys?

The Personalized Learning Surveys are intended to help schools understand how learning is working in their classrooms. Teachers of grades 3-12 can get perspective on their own efforts to personalize instruction, as well as an in-depth look at how students are experiencing these efforts. Teachers of grades K-2 can also reflect and get perspective on their practices, but only through the Teacher Survey, as their students are too young to participate. We provide you with survey reports, in which results from both the Teacher and Student Surveys are framed to show teachers how their classrooms’ results compare with those from across the school.

Though only teachers can access reports on their specific classrooms, the Personalized Learning Surveys can also be a valuable tool for school and district leaders, who receive aggregate reports on our findings. These reports place the data in regional, national and historical context, enabling a data-driven approach to plotting the most effective paths forward.

Who Signs Up?

If a group of schools within a district is participating, it's easiest for a district leader to lead the registration process. If a single school is participating, a member of the school's leadership team should register.

Ready to Get Started?

The Fall 2020 Surveys will tentatively open in August. For new insights, ideas and inspiration, please submit an interest form to receive further details for completing registration in the coming months.

How do the Surveys work?

How do the Personalized Learning Surveys measure personalization? What do the reports provide? Why are they worth taking?

What's the Process for Schools?

For school and district leaders taking charge of the PL Surveys process, we’ve assembled the details you should know ahead of time for the four key phases of the experience.
“Data is only meaningful when it's linked to decisions about teaching. The Surveys allow you to define mastery based on the learners' perception, highlight areas deemed growths and challenges and create a battle plan to target improvement. They are all used to inform teachers' instructional decisions, so the teacher and students can create a great personalized learning experience."

Tiffany Brown

Principal of Wendell Smith Elementary School

How can we help? Please email questions to the LEAP survey team.

Your privacy is very important to us. We uphold the strictest standards of data protection. Our data use policy and participant terms of use policy detail the guardrails we use to guard and manage the data we receive.