Championing the ideal learning experience—schoolwide.

The movement to transform learning begins in classrooms, but that’s not where it stops. In our Whole-School Redesign programs, we help schools support personalized learning at the institutional level, bolstering both the impact and sustainability of the approach. When matters like scheduling, staff structure, assessment strategy and budgeting plans are streamlined to support personalized learning, chances to inspire and empower students expand exponentially. Whole-School Redesign is the next step to scaling the ideal learning experience—and it’s already working for thousands of students.


Our Elevate program guides schools as they build long-term approaches to personalized learning. Created in 2017 to catalyze innovation at the whole-school level, the 2.5-year program is already an integral part of Chicago Public Schools’ growing initiative to personalize learning. For the first year and a half, we help schools find what works. With our professional coaching and on-site support, teachers pilot edtech tools and refine their teaching practices. The following year, once they’ve developed their knowledge and practices, we partner with the educators to design sustainable schoolwide plans for personalized learning. Schools finish Elevate equipped and eager to engage, empower and challenge each learner.

Elevate Cohort 1 (2017)

Launched alongside Pilot Network Cohort 4, the first nine Elevate schools began their journey toward personalized learning in December 2016. They’ve finished their piloting phase and are now collaborating with us to deliver the ideal learning experience to all of their students.

Elevate Cohort 2 (2017)

Elevate Cohort 2 began in December 2017. Through the 2018-19 school year, the 12 schools are developing and refining their practices and tools. Afterward, they’ll design their whole-school models around the findings, catalyzing innovation in each of their classrooms.

Breakthrough Schools

The 22 schools from our Breakthrough Schools Chicago program are rapidly emerging as exemplary models of personalized learning scaled to the institutional level. Beginning with the first Breakthrough cohort in 2014, we provided workshops, grant funding and access to national experts as the schools developed transformative, whole-school personalized learning approaches. A $4 million regional initiative of Next Generation Learning Challenges, Breakthrough Schools was funded by EDUCAUSE, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Chicago Public Education Fund, the Joyce Foundation and Northern Trust. As the schools continue to implement and refine their whole-school plans, their promising results propel us forward in our work to give every student the ideal learning experience.