Every learner deserves to be empowered.

For too long, our education system has been a one-size-fits-all model—the same lessons to all students at the same time. It’s time for the model to transform. Personalized learning places every student in the driver’s seat, actively integrating their needs, strengths and interests into their learning. Rigorous and sustainable, it uses holistic teaching methods and forward-thinking innovations to bring the ideal learning experience to life—and it can be tailored to every classroom.

Why Personalized Learning?

Ultimately, we believe in personalized learning because it works. Decades of research into modern learning, dozens of leading experts and years of our own on-the-ground results support the approach. After a year in the LEAP Pilot Network, students in classrooms piloting reading products average a gain of 13 additional percentile points in reading scores beyond the comparison student, and schools report consistent increases in both student engagement and teacher satisfaction.

Putting It Into Practice

For a more in-depth look into personalized learning, turn to the LEAP Learning FrameworkTM. Created with experts and educators, it lays out the details of the learner-centered approach that underpins our work to transform learning.
“Personalized learning isn’t about the use of computer programs, the proliferation of online courses or a Trojan horse for allowing industry in the classroom. It isn’t about efficiency, marginalizing the role of great teachers or disrupting the critical importance of the teacher-child relationship. Personalized learning is exactly what it sounds like. It means connecting lessons to students’ communities and cultures. It is about cultivating agency by listening to students when they say what they need.”

Phyllis Lockett

LEAP Innovations Founder and CEO

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