Leap Innovations

Teachers, Principals and Schools

We help educators find solutions to personalize student learning, from teacher training, to programs that help educators share ideas with one other and explore edtech tools.

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Tech Companies and Other Innovators

We are a hub for the best and brightest education innovators, digital entrepreneurs, and thought leaders, piloting their tools in real-life learning situations, collecting valuable research, and scaling the most effective ideas broadly from early childhood to early college.

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Students, Families and Communities

LEAP Innovations believes in student-centered learning that continues beyond the four walls of the classroom. We’re committed to working with students, families and communities to provide individualized learning anytime, anywhere.

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Learning Exponentially. Advancing Potential.

LEAP Innovations is a Chicago-based nonprofit organization that connects innovation and education to reinvent our one-size-fits-all system and transform the way kids learn.

We bring together educators and innovators to discover, pilot and scale personalized learning technologies and innovative practices in the classroom and beyond. LEAP serves as a national hub for a new, collaborative ecosystem of the best and brightest education innovators, digital entrepreneurs, and thought leaders, committed to reinventing education in our country.


LEAP Collaboratory

The LEAP Innovations Collaboratory is a place to convene educators, tech innovators and other stakeholders to discover, share and scale tools and strategies that advance personalized learning.

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LEAP Pilot Network

In the LEAP Innovations Pilot Network, we work directly with educators and tech innovators to discover and pilot personalized learning technologies and innovative practices, and then share our research nationally to scale what works.

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Breakthrough Schools Chicago

Breakthrough Schools Chicago is a $4 million program that supports local educators as they develop transformative, whole-school personalized learning approaches to serve as models for the future of education through workshops, access to national experts, and funding.

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Seven Chicago Public Schools Awarded Almost Two Million in Grants to Personalize Learning

Each school will receive a $280,000 grant as part of Breakthrough Schools Chicago

LEAP Innovations, a Chicago-based nonprofit organization working to transform learning by connecting education and innovation for teachers and students, today announced the selection of seven Chicago Public Schools (CPS) to receive $280,000 grants, totaling $1.96M, as part of the Breakthrough Schools Chicago program.

"I am proud of the ingenuity and hard work by our devoted teachers and students who participated in the Breakthrough Schools program to inspire new and innovative models for learning across the city," said Mayor Rahm Emanuel. "Chicago is grateful for our partnership with the LEAP Innovations Breakthrough Schools program, as it prepares students with the 21st century skills they need to be successful in college and their careers."

Last year, during the first phase of the program, educators from 15 schools served as creative agents for innovation by engaging their students and the school community in a process to design and pilot transformative, whole-school personalized learning models developed to meet the needs of their unique student populations.

LEAP Innovations supported school teams to completely reimagine education for their students through a total of $450,000 ($30,000 to each school) in planning grant funds, along with monthly workshops, over 150 hours of coaching from local and national experts, and site visits to West Coast schools with innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

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Announcing the LEAP Learning Framework

What is personalized learning, and what does it look like in practice?

At LEAP Innovations, we’ve considered this question a great deal as we work with educators to innovate in their classrooms. What are the core components of a truly learner-centered approach, and how do these translate into strategies to create this experience for learners?

We set out to answer these questions in the LEAP Learning Framework, complete with actionable strategies for educators to use now. Visit the LEAP Learning Framework website to learn more.